I bet you can't make it two scrolls without smiling. How do I know this? Because this whole session, I couldn't stop smiling. Literally. 

I love getting to tour New Orleans with clients and find my favorite places (that sometimes can be found on my Instagram) but also explore new spots! City Park was on today's agenda and I was absolutely in awe at the beauty of this area - the gorgeous mossy oaks, sunset over the pond, cobblestone bridges - I was living. This place was everything I love about Louisiana.

But what's even better than the perfect foliage is when I can actually feel the love between two people. Amy & Ethan are a storybook couple -seriously if you ever get the chance to meet them, please do, you won't be sorry. I had the pleasure of growing up with both of these lovelies and now I have the honor of photographing their engagement. And having beignets with them.

Truly, there is no feeling like the trust clients give to me to capture a memory so special.

For this, I am so thankful. 

Congratulations to the beautiful couple!