February is the month of celebrating love (and Mardi Gras for all of us lucky ones in South Louisiana) so why not start it off with an engagement session! 

I had the pleasure to work with the soon-to-be newlyweds, Emily & Landon, this weekend in downtown Houma! This was my first engagement shoot in Houma so I was pretty excited to explore the streets a little. Even though I grew up here and went to elementary school right around this area, I had a blast finding all sorts of colorful walls and scenes I had never noticed. We even passed up some live music at a corner coffee shop *which you can imagine I was obsessed with*.  

I'm so excited about their engagement session because Emily & Landon will be my first wedding of 2017, later this month! I'm looking forward to all the weddings I have booked for the year already and the engagements that are coming along with them!

Here's to all my couples - I'm ready for ya! 

Congratulations, Emily & Landon!