The countdown is on for so many students as that ever-anticipated graduation day creeps on you, BUT SOAK IT IN AS LONG AS POSSIBLE I PROMISE YOU'LL MISS IT! I get to live vicariously through all my seniors since *lol* that was a while ago for me. I'm ok with it, though. 

This weekend I had a couple sessions at Mississippi State University (#starkvegas) and Kathleen ROCKED her's! (I even got to ring the cowbell) I know I always say my Geauxgarcia seniors are the best, but literally they are. Kathleen will be heading to Washington, DC, later this month to start her summer internship and I already know she'll be calling Capitol Hill home from then on. This girl is determined and strong with a side of hilarious and sweet, I have no doubt in her ability to take this country by storm. 

Kathleen for Prez: 2033. I'm ready. 

Congratulations, Kathleen!