I've been finding myself in New Orleans for quite a few sessions recently and I fall in love with this city more and more every visit. Everywhere you look, Louisiana is calling. Along with the luscious oaks draping with Spanish Moss and the sun setting over the murky waters of City Park, all the dark greens and sultry browns came out to play during Taylor & Brandon's engagement shoot.

Short story - Taylor and I grew up together in Houma (I've had so many clients recently from my hometown, which has been such a blast!) where we literally would see each other every day and I remember laughing at basically everything she ever said because she was one of the funniest people in high school. Now here we are more than 7 years later, playing in the beautiful city of New Orleans (still laughing) having her's and Brandon's BEAUTIFUL golden-hour session!  

Thank you for inviting me to help out in documenting your love story :)

Congratulations, Taylor & Brandon!