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Collab with @jordan.hefler

Collab with @jordan.hefler

Happy Wednesday! Thank you guys for following along #ontheblog! 

Today's post is taking you back to when the wonderfully talented Jordan Hefler and I did a collaboration a few weeks ago. I loved getting to use Jordan as my muse because this girl is literally always a blast to work beside. She also keeps me cracking up, so there's that. 

I enjoy to see how lighting can change everything in a photograph: moods, environments, etc. Even when the background is a simple tree or park, so much is affected by the light. Colors morph, shadows move, ugh I just love it.  I believe Jordan and I chased that light and I love how our photos came out!    

I also suggest you go check out her side of the shoot at  where you can physically see me laughing and freezing because it was one of the few days a year that Baton Rouge actually turns cold. 

Enjoy! Have great days!