2017 has been, in one word, monumental. By far my most challenging year, but also my most empowering.  I've had the opportunity to work with some of the MOST AMAZING people and learn all about their stories. From love stories and plans after college stories to honeymoon spot stories and baby's first step stories. I sincerely appreciate every one of you guys, even the little sweet babies who won't know how to say Eric till they're 2. It is your smiles and your laughs that show me over and over again just how much I love my job.

You've followed along through all my sunsets, confetti, hugs, and puppies this year. You've sent the most amazing responses to albums. I LOVE seeing you guys frame your photos *honestly that's the best gift you could ever give to a photographer*. You've introduced me to your families and allowed me to help you remember your most precious moments.  

I've put together a little snapshot of my 2017 in photos for your scrolling enjoyment. 

Merry Christmas, Cheers, and Thank You to everyone who allows me to practice my passion everyday!