mary // lsu 2017

mary // lsu 2017


If you follow along with me on Instagram, you've likely already seen me post photos from Mary's senior session. We honestly had one of the most fun shoots because we got to explore the LSU Ag Center's Botanical Gardens together! (If you haven't been there yet, you need to check it out)

Mary has the most contagious smile and literally the sweetest personality and I believe that really came through in her photos! AND THAT YELLOW DRESS WAS PERFECT FOR THE LOCATION.


I have the sweetest clients and I'm so spoiled with the coolest seniors! 

western roadtrip

western roadtrip


I've never blogged about a trip before, but this trip one screamed to have its own blog. 

Last year at exactly this time, my best friend Danielle and I embarked on *quite literally* one of the best roadtrips of our young adult lives. We got to see some of the most famous spots in the West and best of all, we got to see it all together (and take mega selfies at every state entrance sign we saw). I'll never forget these sunsets, the views inside the canyons, and even the expansive open road driving from place to place. 

Along with photos, I thought I'd break down our little daily location agenda just in case you get the travel bug and want to make this trip with your best friend, too! Also, I'm spoiled because Danielle is literally a model for Anthropologie, so we turned everyday into a fun photoshoot!

Day 1

I flew from Baton Rouge and Danielle came from Dallas, meeting in Las Vegas. With our Spotify playlists prepared, bottles of water chilled and gallons of coffee stirred, we set off to our first stop: Zion National Park, Utah.

Zion was a beautiful first spot on the roadtrip. Although the weather was a bit icy, that didn't stop us from taking a hike up to our first gorgeous view: Zion Canyon.  

Day 2 (part 1)

I've broken this day into two sections because both parts deserve intro's. 

Waking up on our second day, I never would've imagined what sort of sights I'd get to see that day.

We started our trip out of Zion and came across some of the most stunning landscapes, so naturally we pull over to the side of the road and take pictures. The red stone everywhere is just unreal, PLUS we saw snow! (Something I was so not expecting to see!)

Our destination was Page, Arizona, where we'd first get to see Antelope Canyon.

YALL. We were walking between these skyscraper rocks thinking we'd seen something like this before... then we realized this is literally a default background on most computers! Danielle and I were in shock at just how beautiful these rock formations were.

This is a place we'll absolutely never forget. 

Day 2 (part 2)

OK GET READY. You're about to see the reason why I separated these parts. 

Have you ever witnessed a place that actually took your breath away? And maybe even made you speechless? Danielle and I found one of those places. 

Horseshoe Bend (also conveniently located in Page, AZ) was our sunset locale for the night. This spot is one of the most famous turns in the Colorado River and a very popular destination for sunset scoping.

And a side note - I distinctily remember us eating at Denny's that night and those pancakes were everything.

I'll just let you scroll now.

Day 3 

Danielle and I were basically the Brady Bunch on Day 3. We drove south to the Grand Canyon! AND IT WAS COVERED IN SNOW! (Again, something I was pleasantly surprised about)

We hiked down into the canyon probably a little rogue since we didn't have any of the proper equipment to hike on snow or ice (LOL there was some slippage) but we didn't let that stop us! Standing a mile down in the canyon looking up, we could see the massive inside walls and that was definitely another place we'll never forget.

We watched the sunset that night with our feet dangling and I thought we jumped into a National Geographic documentary, because it was simply perfect.

Day 4

We're nearing the end of the roadtrip! But before we head back to Las Vegas, we take a day to explore Sedona, AZ! 

Before arriving, we researched which hike would be the best view for a first-timer to the city (and a somewhat beginner course) and that ended up being Cathedral Rock. So obviously, that's the plan! Except once we started the trek, we realized it was more like a black diamond course and we struggled *a lot*.

BUT once we made it to the top, it was worth it. Danielle even started doing some yoga because she felt so at peace on this rock (and because this was too beautiful of a place NOT to!)

Day 5 

Today's our last day of the trip, BUT we have some more pit stops on our way back to the airport!

Before leaving Sedona, we wanted to see if anything special was on the way back to Vegas. We noticed Route 66 was possible, so BOOM let's go! We've seen movies about this stretch of road and heard it in tons of songs, but now we got to see it for ourselves! It was, in short, ~vintage~. 

Our final stop before Vegas was the Hoover Dam, a place I hadn't been since I was a kid. And yep, it was still just as beautiful!


Danielle and I had such a blast getting to see all these monumental spots! And we did it all in less than a week! Remember, its so possible to create an easy itinerary and take your next vacation to the next level. 

Happy Travels!

LSU Senior Portraits Booking Now!

LSU Senior Portraits Booking Now!


2018's senior season started on the best note with Samantha's session! SHE BROUGHT HER SWEET PUPPY KHALEESI (who I still can't get enough of...) and we all had such a fun afternoon on LSU's campus!

If you've been following along with me for a while, you know I'm a sucker for some good sunlight peeking in behind my clients. The weather for Sam's session was literally everything I've ever dreamed of. 

Congratulations, Samantha! *and Khaleesi!*

Here's to another season of meeting all the coolest people!